9 Benefits of Video Marketing

Content, graphics, and customer testimonials are all important elements to getting your message across. However, to hold the user in place, you need additional reinforcements. Online video marketing, with its cost-effectiveness and inherent emotional connectivity, is the best way to engage your customers.

Samsung, with its careful and strategically designed video campaigns, managed to attract 200 million viewers in 2012. Similarly, YouTube recently released 40 video campaigns, attracting an increase of 136 million views. Finally, Mars’ videos of dancing chocolates, beat their competitors with their effectively designed campaign, “Just My Shell”.

If you are still uncertain about putting resources into video marketing here are the nine benefits of video marketing.


Cost-Effectiveness – A Key Factor

Good videos don’t necessarily require an extensive budget, as you can shoot with just your cellphone. Thus, you are able to display your products or company in the most cost-effective manner. And more importantly, websites such as YouTube facilitate video distribution and measurement in an easily, giving you an insight on behavioural analytics.

Additional Punch with Voice and Face

Written words and images carry value, but video captures and holds the reader’s attention. A face looking at you, a human voice conveying information, and the body language all added together make the campaign more personal and believable. A movement or a motion captures more attention than a static image. With video marketing, the concept advertised remains in the viewers’ memories for a long period of time.

Hit the Right Target

With the help of the right distribution channels and social media, video marketing reaches the targeted viewers in a short span of time. Viewers who are attracted by your message share your video by re-posting, re-tweeting, reblogging and tagging, thus helping you gain more customers.

Your Customers’ Time

Your customers spend most of their time watching videos. It is estimated that You Tube boasts more than 4 billion views a day. Also, 81 per cent of senior marketing executives promote their programs via online video campaigns. Therefore, if you want to at least stay on par with competitors, one of the best ways is through video marketing.

Showcase Your Brand

Customers are impressed by textual advertisements, but video give you recognizability. With video, viewers are both educated and entertained. Those who do not seek your product knowledge get entertained, thus increasing brand recall. This leads to greater interest, trust and the desire to learn more.

Viewed Anytime, Anywhere

Viewers watch videos at their convenience and place of preference. Online videos are easily viewable on smartphones and tablets. Thus, accessibility is a big advantage and videos are also environment-friendly (not wasting any paper).

Make it Exciting

An exciting video with a new theme keeps the viewer glued to the screen. Normal regular advertisements can easily distract the customer, so ensure that the videos challenge your viewers, making them sit up and take notice.

The Red Bull advertisement, wherein a skydiver plunged from the heavens with minimal protection propelled an already iconic brand into the stratosphere, drawing more than 192 million views in 2012.

No More Complexities

Videos explain complex information clearly and precisely when compared to textual ads. As a matter of fact, customers prefer demonstrations and story-telling trough videos rather than going through user manuals and lengthy documentations.

Your Place in the Traffic

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo among others have designed a search formula in which videos play a crucial role. With the right type of keyword selection, tags and descriptions, you get a higher ranking in search engines, thus increasing your chances of visibility. Remember that videos enable you to include lengthy keywords, which is not possible otherwise.

Audio combined with visual images ensure emotional affinity and has a compelling effect on the customer. These powerful images and messages make customers inclined towards the product or service, thus increasing brand loyalty and boosting sales.