Commercial Video Production

Commercial video refers to any kind of product or brands advertisement. Video is a very powerful and effective medium because it can attract one’s eyes so they can familiar with the products or brands which is advertised. Example, once people saw McDonald’s commercial about them selling their burger, next time you heard the word “burger”, you will think ofMcDonald.

SP Commercial – a film production support service offices in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia and Bangkok Thailand. We offer the best selection of tv commercial production location services from north to the south of Asia, covering China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia. We provide film production support service, for companies seeking professional management for TV Commercials, Feature Films, Music Video, Independent Films, and Photography

We believe television advertising to be a very effective way to drive business if done correctly. Our goal is to produce a commercial that truly stands out from the competition while delivering a message to brand your company in a positive fashion to drive business to your door, business line and/or website. Also another benefit from producing a television commercial is how the market is changing to an internet based society. Now with YouTube, Google video and the thousands of other online video outlets it makes good sense to have a video presence on the internet.