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Strike The Global World

Strike the international global market. Be more exclusive. Be better than your competitors, relax and conquer the world. It will be absolutely yours!

Be Number #1 in Google

It’s not just about the quality. Be number #01 in Google Search, and easily market your business through the internet.

Empower Your Brand

Let people easily recognize your brand as one of the most outstanding one in the market. Go to 1 Level more ahead.

Upgrade Your Advertising

Engage professional team and organization, co-create meaningful change. Upgrade it. Brand your business to the max!

Worldwide Career Opportunity

We Are Keep Looking For New Quality Team Members To Serve Our Clients To The Max. Develop Your Skills And Careers With Us! Earn More & Live Better!

We are a group of passionate designers and developers who really love to create awesome marketing and advertising tools with amazing support to empower your brand.

Advertising & Branding

No matter how strong is your business, the quality and the efficiency of each advertising you did is very important to maintain your brand, and even gain more profits in the future.


Video Production

Not just TV Commercial video, each of your promotional proposes video must always reach the standard, to gain the trust from your clients to admit the quality of your Brand!

SEO Website Design

It's not just beautiful, but very efficient and save cost A LOT. NO need to spend more to maintain Number #1 in Google Search, even for a new keyword that have just enter your mind.

Internet Marketing

Professional internet marketing services and team is very important to empower your branding and sales, and be most outstanding among the billion advertising that peoples see everyday. Not just to save the cost!

11th Aug 2018

New Team Member Needed!

We are a group of passionate designers and developers who really love to create awesome marketing and advertising tools with amazing support to empower your brand. Our Services: Advertising &...

08th Aug 2018

9 reasons the world loves TV!

TV has authority Today information is everywhere. But television has a particular authority. If you see something on TV, you know that millions of others are also seeing it, and...

08th Aug 2018

Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

Growing a business isn’t easy. First, you need a viable idea. From there, you need to discover a profitable niche, define a target demographic and have something of value to sell...

29th Jul 2018

Video Advertising Production

Video advertising encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream...

29th Jul 2018

Video Marketing Production

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your...

28th Jul 2018

Live Feeds & Events Video Production

Live feeds or events video refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer. It is often simply referred to as streaming. Live stream...

28th Jul 2018

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business, company, corporation, or organization. Today, the vast majority of corporate video content...

28th Jul 2018

Campaign Video Production

A coordinated series of linked advertisements with a single idea or theme. A campaign video is typically broadcast through several media channels. It may focus on a common theme and one or...

27th Jul 2018

Video Production Service

Video is an electronic medium of moving visual media. There are many different types of video. The most common include film and TV, television commercials, web commercials, corporate videos, product...

27th Jul 2018

TV Commercial Production

A television advertisement (also called a television commercial, commercial or ad in American English, and known in British English as a TV advert or simply an advert) is a span...

27th Jul 2018

The Benefits Of Online Video Marketing

The Benefits Of Online Video Marketing Video is a Gold Mine for SEO It can increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions. But you have to...

27th Jul 2018

Internet Video Marketing & Production

What is Internet Video Marketing? The definition of video marketing is not complex. In fact, it’s rather simple: using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. A...

27th Jul 2018

Music Video Production

A music video is a short film that integrates a song with imagery, and is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as...

24th Jul 2018

The Art Of Making A Music Video

What is a Music Video production? Despite all of the artistic freedom involved with making a music video , the end result still has to serve one purpose: promotion. The...

23rd Jul 2018

9 Steps You Need To Make A Great TV Advertisement / Commercial

Once, you could throw TV ads on the schedule and know you were reaching millions of people. These days, it’s a very different story. The advent of the smartphone, tablets, picture-in-picture...

20th Feb 2017

Having a Smartphone Does Not Make You a Photographer!

Snapshots share moments. Professional images convert users and sell products. There is a lot more to professional photography than clicking the button! From photo styling and composition to lighting and...