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  • Domain & Hosting
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Estate & Trust Planning With Custody Services
  • Trust Management Services in Malaysia
  • Islamic Estate & Trust Planning Services
  • Private Trust Set Up in Malaysia
  • Renting of Service Offices Services in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is certainly a country that is full of potential, especially in the business arena. The economy is thriving, the business environment is booming, and there’s no better place in Asia for investors to consider setting up a business in.

If you have been considering forming your own business establishment in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Our vast experience and expertise is exactly what you need, and to help you get started, we have a range of associate business options for your perusal and selection. The associate business provided by us will ensure that you will have no issues when it comes to doing business here in Malaysia, especially not when you have the best associate business services in the industry on your side.

List of Our Associate Business

Here’s a list of the services we provide and a brief description of what each service entails:

Logo Design

Your logo is going to be the face of your business, the thing that represents your company in the presence of the clients. We has teamed up with leading industry logo design specialists so we can offer our clients the best in brand logo design services at the most competitive prices.

If you want a logo that is going to reflect your business brand values and communicate your message across effectively, this is the service you’re going to need. Start improving your ROIs today and make an impact with your business logo. 

Domain & Hosting

We know that the secret to crushing your competition online is to have the right mix of web strategies, domain name selection and web hosting services. These are what you need to take the lead.

We’re different because we don’t just focus on the SEO aspect of your business, we focus on domain and hosting as well to ensure definitive online success. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Increase your customer base, boost sales and build long-term customer relationships by taking your service to the next level by integrating our Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your business mix.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just a business application. It is a business powerhouse and the ultimate solution which is designed to maximize customer relationships with existing customers while simultaneously developing stronger ties with new clients. 

Estate & Trust Planning with Custody Services

Grow your assets and preserve your legacy with our top-notch estate and trust planning with custody services. We will provide you with a full range of comprehensive services to help you preserve and transfer your wealth safely and securely to your future generations.

Trust Management Services in Malaysia

Setting up a trust is easier than you think, if you engage the right professionals to help you do it. Deciding whether or not a trust is right for you begins when you create your estate plan. When used correctly, a trust can be an excellent tool that will help you accomplish your financial goals.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience and prepare for your financial future today.

Islamic Estate & Trust Planning Services

It is crucial to have the proper legal arrangements in place, and Malaysia’s increasing number of wealthy Muslims are starting to realize this. Apart from staying true to the principles and the spirit of the Islamic law, Our Islamic estate and trust planning services offer a great deal of flexibility.

Engage in our services and say goodbye to the burden of setting up an Islamic estate and trust planning service on your own.

Private Trust Set Up in Malaysia

You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth, now is the time for you to reap the rewards of all your hard work. One of the best ways to do this is by establishing a private trust. If you don’t know where to begin, we will help you get started on the right track. 

Renting of Service Offices Services in Kuala Lumpur

Finding it a challenge to choose the right office space in Kuala Lumpur for your business? The wrong location can be a very costly move for your business. The right location on the other hand, can mean immense success. Need a hand locating the right office space for you? That’s what we are here for.

For more information about taking your business to the next level with our associate business services, contact our team today and let’s get started!