Gresya Amanda (Miss Supranational)

Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, born in Ternate, May 27, 1995, is an Indonesian model runner-up 2 or Puteri Indonesia Tourism in the Puteri Indonesia contest 2015. As Princess Indonesia Tourism 2015, she represents Indonesia at Miss Supranational 2015 and reaching the 30th position (24th position) and the special award for Best National Costume and 10th Best Evening Gown.

Gresya follows the contest of Puteri Indonesia 2015 representing North Sulawesi. He is ranked third (runner-up 2) and gives him the title of Princess Indonesia Tourism. In addition, he also won the title of Indonesia’s Favorite Princess Indonesia Islands.


  • Harapan I Lumimuut Minahasa Selatan 2014
  • Puteri Indonesia Sulawesi Utara 2015
  • Puteri Indonesia 2015
    • Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2015
    • Puteri Indonesia Kepulauan Sulawesi 2015
  • Miss Supranational 2015
    • Top 30 (24th place)
    • Best National Costume
    • Top 10 Best Evening Gown


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