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An Affordable Media Creative Solution is a great way to deploy your campaign and marketing message across various medias without spending a great deal of time or money.



Video production services are a great way to get a business’ marketing message and brand effectively into the marketplace without spending a great deal of time or money. With the advent of High-Definition cameras that integrate seamlessly into sophisticated computer video editing systems, the turnaround on a video project from conception to finished product has been reduced from several months to just a few days or weeks at most. This allows clients to deploy a campaign across many different media outlets at previously impossible speeds.


You didn’t get into business to be like everyone else. We offer all digital standard or HD (high definition) video capture and editing, produced by seasoned video professionals backed by a full team of design professionals. We produce high quality, cost effective, unique, stand-out video communication that promotes products, services and other communication needs effectively, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals and/or target markets of each individual client, that reflect your professional standards. Whether you require a television commercial or an in-house communications video we will give the very best possible production value.

In a typical video production consultation, we try to deeply understand the client’s vision in order to effectively translate it into a high-impact marketing asset. Our team of writers, directors, cameramen, visual artists and editors then work together to assemble a broadcast-ready video production at a reasonable price and quick pace without sacrificing quality. We also work with professional acting talent that appeal to your audience’s demographic tastes.

We assign a dedicated Production Manager to every project in order to build a strong relationship with you and ensure continuity throughout the whole production. Our talented writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and editors are all play a crucial role in the creative process their input and experience is invaluable. We can take your project from concept to broadcast and ensure a quality experience every step of the way! Bring us your story and we will tell it creatively and effectively for television and/or web! Quality and service to our clients is paramount and we are committed to working with a diversity of budgets to deliver you the very best production possible.


Concept & Budget Development Producer / Line Producers
Consultation and Coordination Production Managers
Location Scouts & Booking Assistant Directors
Creative Art Design / Multimedia Location Managers
Experienced Video Cameraman Professional Choreographers
Scriptwriting / Storyboards Fashion / Wardrobe Stylist
Stunt Directors / Art Directors Wardrobe & Fitting Management
Gaffers / Grips Sound Recordists / Music Production
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artists Props Masters / Set Contractors
Technical Equipment Transport coordinators
Post Production Voice-Over
Commercial Models / Dancers Rehearsal Management
Famous Actors / Actress Ambassador & Spokes Person
Camera Assistants Runners, Production Crews
Talents Scouting & Casting Management Kids, Old Ages and with Characters.
Technical, Backstage & Production Crews Celebrities Appearance
Promotional Door Gifts Publicity and Media Relations


The Production Process

Each step in the production process brings together skilled team members with the expertise, experience and vision to take your project from conception to completion. We are well-versed in all formats, styles and production techniques.



Creative Concepts ImageThe Creative Concept is the glue that ties every aspect of your production together. It’s a plan for the look and feel of your message. It briefly describes the attention-getting visuals and gives a glimpse of the high-impact story telling that will create a mood and energy for your production.


Equipped with the creative concept, the scriptwriter writes the words and envisions the pictures that will best convey the message or the story.


Armed with the creative concept and script, the next step of the pre-production planning process is to create a blueprint for production. This includes scheduling a production start date and timeline, and finalizing plans for the all-important details that can make or break a production.


Our professional location scouts know the area inside and out and will work until they find the location that’s the perfect complement for your production. Before production begins, it’s usually necessary to visit and assess the location. Each location is unique and dictates the amount of equipment, lighting and other gear we’ll bring to the site. We’re also on the lookout for any special considerations or challenges we may face. Scouting a location avoids costly surprises.


Casting talent means finding the right fit. We work with many local agencies that can provide a large selection of talent to pick from. You can go online to view cast reels and auditions. This time-saving method means you can easily decide on the right person for the job. We won’t stop until you have the perfect match.

Many of our clients are also looking for individuals who can test a product and offer a real on-camera testimonial. People can usually tell a real testimonial from a canned one. With this service, you’ll get real people with real opinions who can promote your product in a natural, convincing believable way.


With the careful planning and skilled preparation for each of the elements of pre-production completed, the production process begins.


The director’s job is to provide the striking images that make your message come alive. Good directors, with a keen eye, can convey ideas that require no words whatsoever, just the visual expression of them. Our directors live the sage advice, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” every day.

The director is supported by a skilled crew including set design, art direction, production audio and the gaffers, grips and others who collaborate behind the scenes to expertly assist in the creative process.

In the hands of an accomplished director of photography using state of the art cameras and lenses, along with the proper lighting, camera crane, dolly or steadicam, the script comes alive through striking visuals and creative interpretation.


We use stylists and makeup artists to take a production to the next level. Makeup, when correctly designed for the lighting, gives a look that can’t be duplicated otherwise, and the right clothes and hair mean a sophisticated presentation of talent.

Post Production


We offer a full range of post-production services so your vision continues from concept, to finished product. Our editors, graphic artists and audio adhere to strict technical television broadcast standards, and deliver a final polished mix.

The editing suites are outfitted with the latest equipment and software to assemble your project quickly, efficiently and just the way you, and your audience, want it. And our large stock-footage libraries, music libraries (or custom music coordination) and extensive sound-effects libraries will also enhance your production.

Beyond video editing and assembly, our creative team can create graphics, animations, special effects and logo treatments in collaboration with your art department to match your existing marketing materials or web design.

We invite our clients to join us during the editing process at our studio location. If you’re unable to be here in person, we also provide internet- based viewing by uploading our work-in-progress to a secure online location where you can view and comment on it at your leisure.

Once you’re satisfied with your production, we can output your product into a wide array of formats such as HD (high definition), SD (standard definition), Web Friendly Formats, and more. We are experienced in all delivery formats to make sure you get your final cut in any format you desire.

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