Pole Fitness

Once confined to seedy bars, pole dancing is now a fitness phenomenon. The classes are for women who would like to learn to pole dance to get fit, stay in shape, have fun and learn a new confidence-boosting skill. Pole Fitness is for women from all walks of life, no matter what age, shape or size you are, whether you are someone who has not done any exercise for years or a fitness fanatic.

We offer small classes in comfortable surroundings, with a professional and experienced instructor.

Boost your confidence, stay in shape and feel good about yourself while working out!

Fitness Benefits

Pole Dancing is now part of the fitness industry, providing a great complement or alternative to regular exercise.

While professional dancers make it seem effortless, spinning around the pole is a lot more strenous than it looks! Imagine having to support your entire body weight with one arm or leg, or supporting your upper body weight with your stomach muscles to get an idea of the level of effort it involves. Getting up the pole, lifting your entire body up with your arms is the equivalent of doing pull ups!

A PoleFitness session burns more calories than a good session at the gym. As well as a great aerobic workout, other fitness benefits include increased upper body strength, muscle tone and definition, increased core stability, better posture, and it improves coordination and flexibility. It will also develop endurance, strength, power, stamina and mobility.

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