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10 Brain Damaging Habits

1. No Breakfast People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration. 2. Overeating It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in

Can Red Wine Really Heal Cancer And Prolong Your Life?

by: Dan Nosowitz, Popular Science   Red Wine The health benefits of resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes (and thus in red wine), have long been known. Studies have indicated that it serves as an antioxidant, that it has anti-tumor properties, that

aL Amin Kids .Com – Muslim Children’s Apparel

AL AMINKIDS supplies and sells Muslim kids apparel that focuses on different fashion in tudung, long pants and even swimwear, that looks equally adorable. They fit all sizes for your kids, ranging from size XS to even XXXL. Here are some of the choices available:

Rahsia Penjagaan Siku dan Lutut

Menggunakan lemon Bahan yang terbukti berkesan untuk meratakan warna kulit badan tidak lain tidak bukan, buah lemon. Potong lemon secara nipis, dan sapukannya pada bahagian siku dan lutut anda. Lakukan proses ini selama 30 minit dan bilas dengan menggunakan air suam. Untuk mendapatkan kesan yang

Kenapa GLA Complex Penting Untuk Kesihatan Kita?

GLA Complex Shaklee merupakan kombinasi minyak borage yang mengandungi asid gamma linolenik (GLA), asid linolenik (LA), minyak bunga matahari dan vitamin E. GLA (asid linolenik gama) digunakan oleh ramai wanita untuk memelihara kesihatan sepanjang kitaran haid setiap bulan. GLA merupakan sejenis asid lemak Omega-6 yang


FASHION knows no boundaries and spreads across all continents in the world. With this in mind and being a model, one ought to have a good command of spoken language and this is especially crucial during any photo shoots, runway fashion shows or even meeting

The Camouflage

LIFE could be a deceiving & obscuring cycle. We do not go for the second best, just like how photography always express a person’s wildest imagination.   For more information on professional fashion photography, please login to SP MODELS official website here.

The Material Girl Fashion 2013

Material Girl Collection – New Campaign Pictures Here are the latest shots from the brand new Material Girl Collection advertising campaign featuring Rita Ora.For more fashion news, logon to SP MODELS.

Harga Rokok Naik 3% Mulai 03 Jun, 2013

by Bernama (Astro Awani) KUALA LUMPUR: British American Tobacco Malaysia (BAT Malaysia) mengumumkan kenaikan tiga peratus bagi harga semua jenama rokoknya berkuat kuasa 3 Jun, 2013. Mengulas mengenai kenaikan harga tersebut, Datuk William Toh, Pengarah Urusan, BAT Malaysia berkata, “Sama seperti semua syarikat lain, BAT

NUTRIFERON: Untuk Sistem Imunisasi Anda

Tingkatkan Sistem Imun Anda dengan NUTRIFERON SHAKLEE Tinggalkan paracetamol sekarang! Tingkatkan Sistem Imun Anda dengan NUTRIFERON SHAKLEE. Sistem imun adalah seperti tentera badan kita, yang melawan jangkitan dan penyakit-penyakit yang mengancam kesihatan dan kecergasan badan. Tanpa pertahanan ini, virus, bakteria, parasit, toksin, dan lain-lain patogen berbahaya akan menyerang badan kita,

The Perfect Form

As we now, running could be challenging, but we are all designed to enjoy this exercise.  It is no doubt, never easy to adapt to the best form of running but the correct ways and techniques of running is important, given the proper training and

17 Health & Brain Benefits of Running

1. Healthy heart Running is one of the best ways to give your heart muscle an effective workout. By running regularly you can improve circulation, and reduce the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. 2. Weight loss The average runner burns

Why Should We Choose a Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? Creating healthy lifestyles requires us to learn the consequences our behaviors can have on our health. When we become informed about how diet, sleep, exercise, and chemical substances affect our health, we can make educated choices. Why are healthy lifestyles

Barbie Make up

by: Meng Hi there girls, just an interesting video about make up I found and just want to share. Bear is mind that I’m just sharing this for fun and please do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT go to any casting like this. Just