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Professional Fashion Stylist & Dresser Services

Change your style with our Professional Fashion Stylist & Dresser. We can make the new you looking stunning and elegant. Hire our Professional Fashion Stylist & Dresser for you or your models for Runway, Event, Party, Photoshoot and any occasion. Our Professional Fashion Stylist & Dresser can

Professional Makeup Artist Services

We welcome you to the best professional makeup artist in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of professional makeup services Malaysia, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a talented makeup artist for makeup and hairdo for any occasion or event. Now we make

Professional Hair Stylist & Dresser

Looking for someone to make your hair up? We are your Best Choice With the help of Professional Hair Stylist, you can look stunning among others. Suitable if you are attending an event or occasion and even for your special day. Also suitable for models

Tips: How to Walk Like a Catwalk Model

by: BR, Meg, Andrew, Cameron Hunter Many women and even men want to look, dress and be like a model. But to do that, you should first start walking like a model. While the women on the runway might make it look easy, strutting your

No one calls you?

You’ve been in the modeling line for some time now. You did a few shoots, stand in some events but still it’s hard to get bookings for yourself. Are you that ugly? No, you’re even prettier than some full-booking-models. You don’t reach requirements? No, you’re

Rules to Avoid Scams and Rip-Offs

Rule 1: Never pay anyone advance fees ever. We repeat, NEVER! If you are asked by any Modeling Agent for money before they get you a job, you can be sure they are NOT a legitimate modelling agency and you can be sure you are

How to Break into Male Modeling

How to break into male modeling So you think you’ve got it all: the looks, the body and the name of a good male modeling agency. You are ready to make a name for yourself in the male modeling world. Not so fast; it takes

The Most Requirements To Be A Model

Here’s one of the frequent ask questions bout the most important requirements to be a model. You should have… 1. Confidence – very important 2. Height – but for some jobs such as tvc, printing or ushering, clients dont really care about it. 3. Looks

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Where Do i Start?

Of the 5 years that I have been a modeling agent I must say that the one question that is constant in my consciousness above all other questions is: “How do I become a model? Where do I start?” followed by “Can you meet my

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WHAT NOT TO WEAR!! by Ford Models Agency

WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!Every Wednesday afternoon we have open calls. Hundreds of girls line up to be seen by agents in the hopes of starting a new or continuing a modeling career with Ford. What you wear says a lot about who you are and

Catwalk Choreography & Fashion Photography

Catwalk Choreography As the fashion industry evolves, it creates more opportunities for specialisation and super-specialisation. Catwalk Choreography focuses on training models to present the clothes in an appealing and professional manner. Training includes various movement patterns used on the ramp and co-ordinating the walk with

How to Become One of SP Models or Talents?

Never register as one of our talents yet? Just send your full profiles with clear photos to.. (for men) (for women) (for kids) For newbies, it will be ok if you dont have the studio shooted photos, as long as it’s CLEAR

How To Become A Model?

Honest Judgment about yourself. Are you enough honest evaluate yourself? Do you fit in this profession? Just praising of your looks by your friends is not enough. You must posses a package of great looks. Since in this profession you have to make other people

Taking Photos Of Your Child

By: Gregg Avedon The first thing that you’ve got to do is have some pictures taken. You can keep it as simple as doing it yourself with that new digital camera you got for your birthday, or you can have a photographer do the shots

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Modeling in Tokyo

Yuri Ebihara It used to be that ONLY foreign models with blonde hair and blue eyes worked successfully in Tokyo. This, thankfully, is no longer the case. Although still predominantly a “white” market, a strong trend to becoming more multicultural is what this industry seems

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Secrets Of Successful Male Models

The best ways to be successful as a new male model often require changing your thinking, and being flexible: Adopt An Attitude Professionals Want to Work WithAttitude is everything. Sometimes factors that have nothing to do with looks can make the difference between being hired

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Many aspiring models feel that because they are beautiful, photographers will line up to take their photos. In some rare instances, this might actually be true. But at the same time, you need to position yourself in a way that advances your career and uses

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When you’re first starting out (and from that point on!), good photography is important. It baffles me to see what some models use to market themselves. Just a quick scan of many of the portfolios on modeling sites, such as OneModelPlace, will reveal an abundance