Latest TVC Job for Your Kids / Children

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baby boyHi mums and dads,

We are looking for talents to be in our upcoming TV Commercial shoot. It is for the Pakistan market for 1 year only. The shoot will be 2 Days Shoot between the 7th to 14th of March 2009.

Talents Requirements are as below:
1. Role: Featured Role
2. Gender: 1 Boy and 1 Girl
3. Race: Pakistani, Fair Indian, Brazilian or Caucasian who has dark hair.
4. Age: 10 yrs old or 13 yrs old
5. Talents must be energetic, cheeky, brave, and must not be afraid of heights.

Please send in updated Composite cards or photos with profiles whom meet our casting brief requirements as soon as possible to

* Talents should be available between the 7th – 14th of March 2009.

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