TVC KOREAN JOB – Urgent Casting!

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The shoot days on 15th January (one day shoot only).

The talent look like Korean.

Talent Brief (All are featured talents)

1 – Stork (Big bird)
As mention before the male talent (2 pax) needs to be 180cm and very healthy and very fit.

2 – Little Bird
Male talent ( 1 pax).Height of 160cm and same as above very fit and healthy.


  • We will try the wire action to all birds.
  • It will be very hot wearing the bird suit so we need to get talents that are willing to corporate and consider the situation that they will be in.
  • We don’t want any trouble on the shoot day with the birds.
  • With the bird talents they need to be fit and healthy and also know how to act as well (the body movement is very important to the commercial).

Casting a.s.a.p. (tomorrow)!

Email profiles to / Please call 019-216 3056 for more information.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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