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SP Models Casting aims to provide cost-effective digital and film imaging services and solutions to meet your needs. We specialize in stills, video and digital photography for the Malaysian and worldwide corporate and business market, with years of expertise in photographing and delivering imaging needs.

We work closely with our clients to create commercial photography that successfully communicates their brand identity and key messages. With a reputation for creative excellence, we produce iconic portraits, marketing and videos for some of Malaysia’s largest corporations and for non-profit organizations. We are more than just commercial photographers. Our experienced professional photography production team offer unique turnkey image creation solutions. From providing art direction and designing shot concepts through to finding suitable locations, sourcing talent and developing a detailed brief. We make creating your perfect photograph easy and seamless.

We love the challenge advertising photography brings and how a fantastic concept can significantly increase sales and build brand loyalty. Creativity is the cornerstone of what we love about advertising
photography. Its ability to tell a story or convey a message through a single frame is what keeps driving us.

Other than the dedicated team of professional photographers, we also present the fresh look of professional commercial models, include commercial dancers and actors – local and international for various types of commercial printing advertising of any business include..

  • Billboards
  • Websites
  • Printing Advertisements
  • Banner / Brochures
  • Catalog
  • Websites
  • Editorial: Books, Magazines, Newspaper
  • Corporates, Premises, Business Scenes, etc

The SP advertising photographers and production team are your perfect creative partners. as3As a full service commercial photography studio with many years experience in the industry, we can assist you with talent selection, location scouting, make up and art direction.

With state of the art photographic and lighting equipment, our advertising photographers have the knowledge and equipment to create innovative, daring and unique images designed to capture the essence of your campaign.


On-Location Services

Our team can support your on-location needs with everything from real-time look creation, to on-location master camera cloning, customized workflows and on-location dailies.


Our advertising professionals are familiar with the unique needs and scheduling requirements of commercial productions and are prepared to handle all of your digital or film-based dailies.

Digital Printer Lights (DP Lights)

Advertising productions can also take advantage of DP Lights™, our powerful on-location color correction tool. DP Lights™ can be used to create real-time 2D or 3D looks in commercial productions while also providing film print emulation for commercials intended for theatrical release.

Final Color

Technicolor’s final colorists are among the best in the industry, and our skilled colorists are ready to transform your advertising vision into a high-quality, visually stunning commercial.





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