Charter, Buy or Lease Very Light Jets


  Passengers2 – 4

  Range716 – 1,400 nm

  Hourly Cost$2,000 – $2,200

  Buy Used$.85M – $3.15M

  Buy New$3.2M – $4.1M

Popular Very Light Jets

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Lavatory
Citation Mustang 4 1150 340 Aft Curtain
Eclipse 500 4 1125 370 Partial
Phenom 100 4 1320 390 None

Capable of carrying small groups of people (generally 2-4), very light jets (VLJs) are specifically suited and designed for short haul to medium range flights. The wide variety of VLJs available encompass diverse performance characteristics and payloads although their maximum takeoff weight is under 10,000 pounds. While most VLJs are designed for small groups of people, some larger VLJs can accommodate more baggage than others and/or might include a semi-private lavatory. All VLJs are powered by jet engines (normally two) and feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety and performance. In comparison to turbo-prop aircraft however, VLJs offer significant time savings by utilizing jet engines, yet offer the same cost savings due to reduced operational costs. VLJs are generally configured in a VIP format to cater to executives and to maximize passenger capacity.

Common Routes: Daytona Beach to Miami,San Francisco to Los Angeles, London toParis


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