e-Billboard Advertising


Online Billboard Advertising 

+ SEO Content Marketing

Commercial & Branding Production

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A. Online Branding & Advertising

When your company is trying to launch and establish its brand, it’s crucial to take advantage of both online and offline brand building methods for maximum brand exposure, visibility, and effectiveness. There are benefits to each vehicle of brand building, but maintaining the popularity of your brand at the forefront is an essential daily task, especially online.

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B. Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Expert

Search engine optimization is nowadays more important than ever and it is necessary for every web master to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business.

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C. Online Media Campaign

The Internet has now presented a unique opportunity and challenge. It stands as the only medium that consists of multiple different marketing channels. In order to have a successful online marketing campaign, you must take an integrated approach and use all of the channels that the Internet affords you. A typical online marketing campaign, even with a small budget, can easily consist of a half dozen different online channels: main website, online ads, SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, and blogging.

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D. Online Video Marketing & Production

Designing marketing strategies is one of the most important ways of penetrating a product into a market wisely and effectively. Demand of a product depends on the willingness of an individual and the ability to buy the particular product. Todays’ market has very high competition. Same product is being manufactured under different brand tags. The company which has gained customer satisfaction is the leader of the emerging market. A company has to look into various factors for making its position secure in the economic sector. Advertisements and promotional videos play a very important role in making the consumer aware of a particular product. Online Video Marketing strategies are therefore very effective in building a consumer base.

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A. Budget Package RM299 ONLY!

  • Online Billboard Advertising, RM99 / month
  • Online Billboard Ads + Basic SEO Marketing, RM499 / month (1 x main local keyword)

# Now Promotion => e-Billboard (4 months) + Basic SEO Marketing (up to 2 main local keywords)= RM299 ONLY!

B. Standard Basic SEO Review Package RM990 ONLY!

  • Online Business Review, RM299 / post (1 month)
  • Online Business Review + Basic Online Social Media Campaign, RM499 / campaign (1 month)
  • Online Business Review + Basic SEO Marketing, RM699 / post (1 x main local keyword)
  • Online Business Review + Simple Photography & Editing, RM699 / post

# Now Promotion => 1 x Basic Online Business Review (4 months) + Basic SEO Marketing (up to 5 main local keywords) + Simple Photography & Editing + e-Billboard Ads (6 months) + Basic Online Social Media Campaign (2 months) = RM990 ONLY!

C. Premium Package = Starts from RM12,900 ONLY!

  • Professional Photography Production, RM990 ++
  • Professional Ambassador / Commercial Models + Make Up Artist + Hair Stylist + Wardrobes, RM1,790 ++
  • Online Commercial Video Production, RM9,800 ++
  • Online Media & Social Media Campaign with SEO, RM2,900 ++
  • Advance SEO Online Marketing, RM7,900 – RM98,000 ++

# Now Promotion => All-In Exclusive & Professional Package (include12 months e-Billboard advertising + 6 Reviews + Professional Photography + Video Production + Professional Ambassador / Commercial Models + Premium Local SEO Marketing + FREE 2 hours, 1 to 1 Session of Basic & Effective Online Marketing Coaching + Online Media & Social Media Campaign + 2 months Single Post Banner Advertising.

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