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The Most Powerful, Most Potent, and the Most Pure Natural Resveratrol Anti-Aging Supplement on the Market Today.

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Your clients are deeply committed to slowing the aging process. They care for their skin from the outside with the best products and the latest treatments.

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Did you know?

  • As you age, the number of mitochondria (your internal “batteries”) declines. This can lead to reduced cellular energy production. If your cells can’t product as much energy as they did when you were younger, you don’t feel as vital or able to fill each day to the max as you once did.
  • The high stress world we live in today increases the rate at which our cells age.
  • Every day, each cell in your body (and face!) is assaulted by up to a million free radical attacks – from pollution, poor diet, any many others – that can damage your cell’s DNA. This also accelerates the aging process.
  • Excess accumulation of advanced glycation end-products – also known as AGE proteins – can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell longevity.

shaklee vivix slow aging cellular level

What is the Solution?

Vivix is a cutting edge product that addresses each one of these concerns. This revolutionary product leads the fight against cellular aging and was developed after many years in partnership with leading scientists – a scientific breakthrough.

Only Vivix contains both resveratrol and a proprietary phytonutrient blend. This blend harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of the rare muscadine grape. This combination has been shown in research to be 10x more effective than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of cellular aging.

Vivix is a complementary product that can be layered in to any anti-aging regimen. This means it is perfect for any of your clients who are committed to healthy aging and well-being.

Proof Positive…

You can see the difference Vivix makes.

Coming soon are before and after visia camera images of one client who has been taking Vivix for 6 months. Stay tuned!

Vivix is 10 times More Effective in Slowing the Key Mechanisms of Cellular Aging

  1.  CELL DEFENSE – In a clinical study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vivix key ingredients were shown to blunt the biological stress response, which over time, can lead to cellular aging.
  2. CELL ENERGY – Vivix was also shown to significantly increase energy production at the cellular level, which is known to decline as we age.
  3. CELL REPAIR – In laboratory studies, the same key ingredients were shown to protect and repair cellular DNA, which is assaulted millions of times every day. These assaults can damage the DNA, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.
  4. CELL PERFORMANCE – by activating genetic regulators that improve cellular performance Vivix’s key ingredients inhibited the formation of damaging AGE proteins, which can accumulate and result in cell damage.


Harvard Researcher Tied to Shaklee ‘Anti-Aging Tonic’ Vivix

There’s this stuff online, Vivix, billed as “the world’s best anti-aging supplement.” It’s grape-flavored.

Of course, tons of supplements with uncertain effects are promoted like this online. But this one’s caught our eye because David Sinclair, a Harvard researcher who’s done some high-profile aging research, was paid to be on the scientific advisory board of Shaklee, the supplement company that sells Vivix. The WSJ has the story.

At a conference last summer, the WSJ says, Sinclair (pictured) told Shaklee salespeople that “over a year ago, we set out together to do this, to make a product that you could actually activate these genetic pathways that can slow down aging.”

As the video at left shows, he also said: “Together, as part of the Shaklee family…we can take this technology right now, to our friends, to our family, and really have the benefits of this new technology right now, within our lifetimes.”

Vivix contains a compound called resveratrol. Sinclair’s research has suggested that resevratrol (found in red wine) may slow the aging process. He received $8 million when Sirtris, a company working on resveratrol-based drugs, was sold to GlaxoSmithKline, and remains a consultant.

After the WSJ asked him about his connection to Shaklee, Sinclair resigned from his advisory role at the company. “This decision was prompted in significant part by my recent realization as to how my association with Shaklee and my research have been used contrary to the intents and purposes of my agreement,” he said in a statement. “To my dismay I have found numerous uses of my name and reputation on the Web and in other media that implies endorsement by me of Shaklee’s Vivix product,” he wrote. “I have engaged counsel to deal with this matter and have demanded that Shaklee cease using my name.”

In its own statement, Shaklee said that “every implied product endorsement was in Dr. Sinclair’s own words and every Shaklee use of his name — whether in print or video — was pre-approved by him in keeping with our agreement.”


Vivix is the Only Choice to Slow Aging at the Cellular Level

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