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Tips, Traps & Tricks:- For the Aspiring ModelsBefore you even begin to think of entering the glamorous world of modeling, do ask yourself the following questions


1) What are my strengths & weaknesses as a Model?
2) What kind of assignments would I like to accept?
3) How much time can I truly give for this profession?
4) Am I willing to look at Modeling as a serious career?
5) Do I have Commitment, drive & above all, patience?
6) Do I have my alternate Occupation/Profession/career already lined up?
7) Am I interested in getting known not only as a very successful model, but also be recognized as a good model?


Based on your answers you should decide whether or not you should get into Modeling, and if yes, which aspect of the Modeling world are you suitable for.Normally what aspiring Models tend to do is to get a Portfolio shot. Once they have the portfolio comes the question:


I HAVE A PORTFOLIO ! What do I do Now?


1. A Portfolio is, as it were, an Advertising Campaign for the Model. It should ideally not only show that a model is Good-looking, but also that the Model has good body languages, is expressive & the different kind of assignments the Model will be capable of handling.


2. You have got your portfolio shot & good quality Manual prints got made from a reliable Lab. The next step is to get sticker-labels made, to affix behind your photograph. The labels should have your Name, Address, Contact Numbers & height mentioned. Make sure that the glue or ink on the stickers does not disfigure the other photos. (Please use non smudging projection pen to write behind photos).


3. The Photographs must reach your target market, which includes Advertising Agencies, Film Production Houses, Model Agencies, Model Coordinators, Music Companies & Video Directors, Fashion Show choreographer etc.


4. It is always preferable to deliver the portfolio in person to as many places as possible. To the other Places, you may Post/courier 4 to 5 Post Card size copies, and after about 4 days, follow up on the telephone.


5. You should expect to get calls for Video Tests, on the basis of your Portfolios. You may follow up, once in a while with your recipients, but DO NOT harass them with daily or weekly calls, asking about assignments.


“TRAPS & PITFALLS” and how to escape them!


All of us are worried about getting into trouble in this field. You wouldn’t get misled, exploited, cheated or do any such thing that hampers or finishes your fledging career. Here are a Few Pointers that help you avoid getting into trouble:


1. Remember the formula “The amount of trouble you get into, is directly proportionate to your level of desperation!” If you do not feel desperate about getting work & don’t show desperation, people may not try to exploit you.


2. Be very cautious about whom you give your photographs to. Remember your photos have your Name, Address & Telephone Numbers, which should not fall into wrong hands.


3. You DO NOT need influence or contacts to get Modeling assignments, so stay away from all those who promise you Breaks, due to their so called connections. Rather have faith in your own abilities.


4. A lot of touts go around claiming to be model coordinators. Do not believe or trust people blindly. Use common sense & you will see through most fraudulent entities.


5. Remember, “Any Modeling offer that is Too-Good-To-Be-True”, is almost always a Fraud.” So stay away from those illogically tempting offers or investigate them well.


6. Unless & Until you already know the agency, attend auditions or meetings, only if they are held in offices, not in Homes or hotels & only between 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.


7.Never make any commitments, neither oral or written, unless you have got the complete information about the project. You can always get some time to think & decide. Consult with people from the industry & then decide.


8. Never sign a blank paper, and get a copy of all papers that you sign. If there is s a discrepancy in what is written & what is verbally agreed, please insist on the correct statements to be put on paper, before you sign.


9. Never agree to report for any shoot, unless you have clearly fixed the remuneration & got satisfactory replies to all your queries. Never accept that your queries will be answered once you report to the shoot.


10. If you are working through a coordinator, please understand exactly what percentage commission the coordinator will be taking. The normal trend for all good coordinators is 20% . Do not feel that by offering higher commission, your chances of getting the campaign would increase. Besides informing you of the Video test, it is the duty of casting agency to negotiate the best price, in consultation with you, protect you in the matters of the contract & completely follow up & collect the payment on your behalf, make it clear to the coordinators that you expect this entire service.


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