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A thing of beauty is a joy forever! This thought holds complete significance in the fashion industry.

It is an exciting industry that attracts many brilliant, ambitious, creative, talented, committed and hard working people.

Success in the fashion industry calls for an ultimate passion and enthusiasm to achieve set targets. The desires to create, see, explore and appreciate beauty must be inherent.

It’s a creative field and one needs to possess as well as acquire certain skills that are indispensable, such as thinking creatively beyond the obvious and the ability to carve a niche in almost all the possible projects by making it different yet stunning than the previous one.

Careers in the fashion industry revolve around beauty. In order to be successful in this field you should have the unquenchable thirst for beauty in its all-relevant forms. Changing fashion statements determine the change in the trend of clothing, ornamenting and above all, adopting new ways of carrying oneself.

It is the style that brings elegance with a difference in different designs. Style is an individual aspect. No two people can have exactly the same style statement because every person has a unique style of their own. Therefore, the concepts related to fashion are also different. Some people feel that fashion is the passion of the slaves and that is why they try to dress and carry themselves in a manner similar to that of models walking on the ramp. This thought is challenged by a different thought – those who go against the fashion trends are themselves the slaves of the fashion.

No matter what different concepts abound, fashion is a career industry that is never going to fade. There are immense opportunities in this field, as you can opt for any of the following job prospects pertaining to your areas of interest: modeling, catwalk choreography, fashion photography, designing, merchandising, make-up artists, hair styling, and accessory designing.

Modeling: Modeling is a promising career that requires having a certain confidence and a pleasing appearance that needs to confirm to the basic standards of fashion designers. One needs to have an inclination towards glitz and glamour, as it is part and parcel of this industry.

Catwalk Choreography: Catwalk Choreography aims at training models to present their attire in an appealing and professional way. Designers hire talented choreographers because they know that every movement with the background music counts on the ramp. It can make or break an entire fashion show.

Fashion Photography: Fashion Photography is a very demanding career that requires the utmost dedication, sincerity, sensitivity and at the same time objectivity towards the subjects. It is the job of the fashion photographer to present clear expression to almost all the possible facets of style such as fabric, design, designer, model and the like.

Fashion Designing: Fashion designing is one of the most promising careers in fashion industry. It needs to have the ability to think, comprehend and implement the latest and original ideas in order to be successful in this field. Designers can specialize in apparel, textile, accessory designer and many more.

Fashion Coordinator: A fashion coordinator is responsible for coordinating fabrics and trimmings, quality and design. He/she needs to keep a constant track of production schedules and needs to be aware of the status of buyers’ orders.

There are several career options that need to be explored by aspiring students. You can certainly excel in this field provided you believe in the proverb – “work is worship” and have immense potential to rise and make your mark in the fashion industry.

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