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Catwalk Choreography

As the fashion industry evolves, it creates more opportunities for specialisation and super-specialisation.

Catwalk Choreography focuses on training models to present the clothes in an appealing and professional manner. Training includes various movement patterns used on the ramp and co-ordinating the walk with the music selected by the designer.

Today, designers are keen on hiring good choreographers because they are aware that choreographers are essential to ensure the success of their shows.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography has emerged as a promising profession in the recent years.

Most of the fashion photography takes place either in the specialist studios or under the supervision of a fashion expert. The art is creative and requires a keen sense of form, style and colours.

And where does your training come from? First of all, you should be absolutely familiar with handling a camera. In fact, many budding photographers initially work under the guidance of professional photographers or famous fashion designers who have already established themselves. The period of training could vary depending on your ability.

Recently in Ootacamund, South India, a very professional institute of photography has been set up.

Fashion Photography is a highly demanding profession that needs the aspirant to be sensitive, and at the same time objective to the subjects. All the facets of style the fabric, designer and the model are given expression simultaneously.

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