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When it comes to modeling, everyone immediately thinks of High-Fashion Models, and why not? They work in the fast paced, always changing, lucrative modeling genre of High Fashion.

So if it’s so great, why don’t all models do it? Why don’t all models become high fashion models where they can make big bucks, travel internationally, and model as their full-time job? The answer is… most models can’t. High fashion models are, for lack of a better phrase, a breed of their own.

They fall into a unique and specific mold that is admired by clients. They have specific measurements, looks, and personalities. But even with all that said, what really makes a high fashion model?

High Fashion models are slightly set apart from the rest of the modeling genres. The measurements and standards that High Fashion Models must fit into are extremely strict (See Modeling Measurements and Requirements). Majority of people in the world do not fit these measurements.

Models must be tall and slender without being clumsy or awkward. It is these measurements that truly separate a model, from a high fashion model.

Our models is a professional and experienced. You


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