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How To Become A Model?

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Honest Judgment about yourself.

Are you enough honest evaluate yourself? Do you fit in this profession? Just praising of your looks by your friends is not enough. You must posses a package of great looks. Since in this profession you have to make other people to looks like you. A product endorsement banks on models looks. More than looks it is important how photogenic you are? So you are right person to judge your decision whether you are fit for this industry or not?

Great Portfolio

Alright you have great looks that can turn heads while you walking on public place but that is not enough at all. How do you look in photos are key factor for clients or photographers to choose you from the lot. It is quite often so deserving models get lost because of poor portfolio. You port folio should be much stronger than own looks. This would happen only either your portfolio is shot by a commercial photographer or a very talented armature. So before you step in this industry, you must be armed with a great portfolio.

Do you have inner strength?

Beside looks and great portfolio, The model should posses strong will power and confidence to hunt for right opportunity with a determination to work harder and harder. You must be stronger from inside your attitudes, mannerism, communications skills, and patience can put you on the desired place in the industry. Never think that modelling is full of glamour, but if you look in to rationally it is not just glamour as it seems from outside. When you see a beautiful model wearing great smile, there is lot of hard work behind it from the client, photographer and creative people to full fill their set objectives. So your inner personality plays equal role as your outer look.

Do you have right direction?

One more quality you must have is to differentiate between right and wrong people. If you are new to this filed you must choose the right band of people in this profession. Else, there are lots of bogus people in this industry who will misguide you at the cost of your own money. So never make fool out of you. Always go to professional photographers, coordinator, agencies, production houses for films and TV commercial, ad filmmakers. If you in right hands with a quality to become success no one can stop you to be top of the world.

Where are you located?

As it is truth that in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur city is known for advertising agencies, TV production, films, photographers, ad film makers with lots or pre production and post production studios, creative people, events management organization, contest organization, set designers, fashion designers and houses. Obviously, if you are not located in Kuala Lumpur then you must be capable to travel to Kuala Lumpur. It said in this industry that everything is required yesterday. So for any appointment or call with clients, you must be available across the table. And you must spend sizable time for your personal approach under the guidance of your coordination or agency. Again it needs hard work, time and money.


The best measurements for glamour modelling are 5?7?, 34? bust, 24? waist, 34? hips. If you are within one inch of these measurements you are fit to model almost anything. High Fashion models are typically 5?7? to 6? tall and an extremely thin size 7 with 32-35? bust, 22-25? waist and 33-36? hips. They are not necessarily classically beautiful. PETITE measurements would be 5?5? to 5?8? tall and a size 5 to 7. The model MUST have a well proportioned body. PLUS SIZE models are 5?7? to 5?11? tall and wear a size 12 to 14, have a well toned and proportioned body with a thin face, good skin and beautiful hair. Always provide very accurate measurements to the agency and to customers. (Helps to save embarrassment if you get hired for a job and the clothes don’t fit because you were not honest). For a man, heights should be 5?11? to 6?2? and you must fit in a 40-42? jacket.

The ultimate test for an aspiring Model

Well almost… Send your photo and resume to reputable coordinators. Set-up an appointment and you will find out very quickly if you have what it takes. These people are very busy, if they don’t like the photo you won’t get an appointment. If they like it you will be invited for an assessment. Then again if you don’t have what it takes they will tell you on the spot. (they want quality models). If rejected don’t give up yet! Each coordinator/agency is different and has different expectations and requirements from their models. Always ask about any immediate physical changes (haircut, weight loss, skin treatment, dental work etc.) and work on it for the future. Some coordinators/established models offer good training (in the form of workshops/courses) for local fashion shows and print work. This can be a great way to gain confidence and experience.

How to get started and some tips to Succeed?

An agency or co-ordinator should represent models. The model must have a portfolio, and comp cards. The agency/coordinator provides you with work (That is their main purpose. It is safe to say that they work for you!) They make a commission on your fee (15 to 20%). Be warned about agencies/coordinators who ask for money up front! Also check to see if they are reputable and genuine. The agency/coordinator should provide you with a few photographers name. It’s your choice to get the photographer you want. Pay the photographer for the photo shoots not the agency/coordinator. The agency/coordinator provides you with safe working environment and looks after legalities of the paper work for the job. They provide their clients with “Professional” models. Keep copies of all-important papers, such as contracts etc. You may need these if you have a dispute with the agency/coordinator. It is wise to choose the agency/coordinator carefully so you can stay with that them. Constantly changing them gives you a reputation of being flighty and unprofessional

How to find an agency/coordinator?

Since in India there is no system for accrediting Modelling Agencies. It would be best advised for you to look up our coordinator section. If you are outside India, please check out the INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY of MODEL and TALENT agencies & schools, a book with phone and address of all agencies across the world.

How to approach an agency / coordinator?

The oldest way to go about it is to visit them. Book an appointment ahead of time by phone. Bring at least 2 pictures. They don’t have to be professional pictures. A head shot, natural and clear. Also a full length shot that somewhat reveals your figure, a clingy dress , swimsuit, figure flattering clothes or other tight fittings garments should be worn. Forget about baggy clothes! It will tip off viewers that you have something to hide. Ask lots of questions. Ask to see what work their models are currently doing? Ask for names and phone number of clients and call them to verify the information, be concerned if they promise you work right away or promise you high salaries. If they don’t allow you time to think about it or if they use pressure techniques to sign the contract, be concerned. They should not ask for money up-front for classes or training. Be concerned if the they claim to be looking for ordinary people. Reputed agencies/coordinators might have open interviews during the week, give them a call and find out. Also you can send your photo and resume as mentioned earlier.

Portfolio: What is it?

It’s a collection of your modelling pictures. How many pictures you need varies. You should only keep strong pictures; you are only as good as your worst picture! Models should aim for quality not quantity! Avoid using 2 pictures of the same shoot (same look) Black and White is the favourite of the industry. 9 by 12 inches are the standard size. Your agency will require you to buy an 11 by 14 inches for their book (portfolio). A basic but versatile portfolio would have a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot (conservative swimsuit or lingerie), a fashion shot (sexy), action shot, an editorial shot and even a catalogue shot. As you gain experience replace the older pictures with newer one. Keep your best picture at the end to leave a lasting impression! Do not wear Jewellery for those prints; it takes the attention away from you. The wrong choice of undergarments may show panty line or bra straps and will distract the viewer (on the job, or in interviews it can mean the difference between looking professional or not). Tailor your portfolio for your strengths and the type of modelling you are doing.

What is a Comp card?

Comp card is a card with a few pictures on it. It also has the information on how to reach modelling agency. It contains your statistic and measurements. They cost between US$ 200 to 300 for 200 cards. The model pays for them and your agency will tell you how many you need to get started

Tips on how to choose a photographer

Avoid “portrait photographer” they often don’t understand the need of the fashion industry. See the photographer’s portfolio. Do you like it? Does it represent the style and format your looking for? Commercial photographers might be a good source of work! Keep that in mind. Be concerned about photographers who seek to take nude pictures of you or claims to be working on a swimsuit calendar. Photographers should be professional and respectful and you should bring a friend along. Always be cheerful, you never know when you might get a free shoot or a free picture or an extra roll done at no extra cost! If you bring your own clothes to the shoot, always bring extra. If the photographer for example like your look and decides to do an extra roll you will be ready to benefit from it. Keep an open mind photographers love to do editorial shots.

Always remember good beginning means half work done.


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