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New Faces: What type of models do you look for when finding new talent?
Elite Models: When looking for models, we typically look for talent that are marketable in our area. We look for all styles of models to promote through our network; editorial and commercial models.

New Faces: Why do you like using New Faces to scout new models?
Elite Models: New Faces is a great avenue to scout talent, not only for our Toronto office, but for our offices around the world.

New Faces: Does Elite have a “look” that you always seek out to find?
Elite Models: We are always looking for “The Look”, which can change from season to season.

New Faces: Of the recent faces you’ve discovered, has there been a common element that made them stand out over others, and what would you recommend to other models for them to stand out?
Elite Models: From the faces that I have contacted through New Faces, it always helps to have very clear pictures, with great lighting, and little makeup. I often find it difficult to see what a person looks like when they use a webcam to take their pictures.

New Faces: What are some of the facts that models need to know when getting into the industry?
Elite Models: Modeling is a business, and as a model, you are your own business! Like any business, it takes time, effort, commitment, and patience to become a successful model. Success does not happen over night.

New Faces: What common mistakes do you see models making, even if they already have what it takes?
Elite Models: For models, a casting or a go see is a job interview, and should be regarded as such. Time and time again I hear from clients that models seem ill prepared. Would you show up to a job interview with a potential employer wearing sneakers, with your hair not done, without a resume? No.

New Faces: There are different types of modeling, including print, commercial and runway modeling, is there a particular type of model that is best suited for each?
Elite Models: Typically in our market, we look for girls that are 5’8″ and taller, as Toronto is a very commercial market but we also have our fair share of great editorials and show. A truly versatile model can excel in all of these fields. Girls that are 5’10” and up, of course are better suited for the European catwalks should they have the rest of the package (confidence, experience, and a strong portfolio).

New Faces: The modeling industry being what it is, there’s never any assurance that one person will succeed over another, but once discovered how can models continue to achieve success in the industry?
Elite Models: There are never any guarantees. We as agents know what clients want, and supply our clients with just that. It is also our job to provide management for our models. We can open the door for the Models, but it’s up to the individual to walk through it. It’s those models that can work with clients and be engaging, polite, and most of all professional, are the models that are going to get booked again by that client.

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