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The Model Booker Job Description

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Hafez, Razi, Mizie

The job of a model booker is demanding because you are essentially counted on as the driving force behind the beautiful faces that are seen on advertisements, magazines, catalogs and television. The fashion world is a thriving industry, which constantly seeks the expertise of model bookers when it comes to finding the right faces and body types to help successfully catapult a fashion company into the media spotlight. Ultimately, this profession requires solid connections with the industry and exceptional communication skills.

Nature of Work

An experienced model booker is trained to demonstrate reliability when it comes to spotting people with successful modeling potential. In addition, this job requires maintaining and building a base of clients who are in constant need of models to showcase their products. Essentially, model bookers must manage the professional career of models, assuring that they find castings that match their specific looks, while also meeting the requests of various clients. For instance, if a company is looking for a model of a certain height, hair color or skin complexion, it is the job of a model booker to find the best model in order to meet client expectations.

Education and Skills

According to, there are no specific educational requirements needed to succed in this type of career. However, it is recommended that you obtain a bachelor’s degree in a field related to marketing, public relations or communications. Also, having a broad knowledge of fashion trends and photography, as well as connections with the fashion and media industry, is key in order to succeed.

In addition, internships and/or serving as an assistant under a professional model booker or modeling agency will help you gain experience and build contacts in the industry.

Job Outlook

Based on an employment review by, the job outlook for model bookers is continuously growing as more companies become in need of professional assistance in finding the right models. Also, model bookers have the option of working independently or with a modeling agency.

Work Conditions

Because the fashion world is known for being a fast-paced and competitive industry, the job of a model booker is consequently demanding, stressful, and requires dedication and a flexible schedule.

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