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TV Commercial Job – Sydney, Australia

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Shooting Location: Sydney, Australia.

Director: Matt Murphy
Producer: Ben Scandrett-Smith

Casting Brief

Hero guy
30’s to early 40’s, Eurasian, needs to have the x factor, alpha male but not arrogant. George Clooney, Clive Owen, younger slimmer Chow Yun Phat.

Male featured friend 1
20’s Early 30’s, Eurasian, handsome character a good best friend.

Male featured friend 2
20’s Early 30’s, Eurasian, handsome and intelligent looking perhaps glasses.

Female featured friend 1
Early 20’s, Eurasian, absolutely gorgeous, elegant, almost unattainable

Female featured friend 2
Early 20’s, Eurasian, stunning, fun nature, care free spirit.


  • Cast will travel to Sydney on July 11 2008 for wardrobe, 2 x shoot day then leave on the 16th or 17th July depending on weather.
  • Return economy flights to Sydney, accommodation and daily pocket money will be covered by us.
  • Cast MUST have current passports, which preferably allows for automatic tourist visa access to Australia.

Send through some headshots which match the brief above it would be much appreciated. E-mail:

Many Thanks

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