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Em’s Details

SP Models ID#: 179828
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Nationality: Yemenis
Ethnicity: Mixedother
Category: commercial
Sex: male
DOB: 18/12/1987

Em’s Physical Attributes

Em’s Bio

About Em: I was born with the Zodiac, we share the same birthday you can say. I’m an easy going dude. Mixed blood, Turkish Arabian. I’ve been modeling since 2009 (TVC’s, print ads, performances). Beside that i play guitar (sing, rap), handstand dance, stunts and extreme lover.
Hobbies: – play guitar (sing, rap) – handstand dance, stunts and extremes.

Em’s Favorite Attributes

Trait 1: Good face structure
Trait 2: Sharp eyes
Trait 3: Sharp features
Height: 174cm
Weight: 63kg
Chest size: 37
Waist: 30in
Hips: 32in
Collar: 16in
Dress Size: M
Shoes: 11
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown