Syatilla is a multitalented emcee, who loves challenges and highly motivated girl. Speaks English & Bahasa Malaysia fluently. Has unlimited energy and optimism. Kickstarts anything with zest and amazing strength, forth rightness and a stubborn streak to accept defeat. Ever so persuasive and decisive.

I’m a Muslim Woman Emcee who can speak both language Malay and English.

Capability to handle crowd up to 6k in a time.

Spontaneous in spoken Malay and English without no script.

Strong experience in handling all protocol events especially VVIP’s event involving Ministry.

Extra Talents: I was born as a Master of Games

Instead of being serious when Emceing for Protocol event, I’m actually a super cheeky, talkative and friendly emcee to host your Annual Dinner, Family Day and Birthday Party

Since my previous background are from hotel industry, Public Relations and Sales for almost 7 years, I shall be the one who u should call for a Product Roadshow and promotions.




  • Wedding
  • Corporate Events
  • Expo
  • Exhibitions
  • Road Shows
  • And Etc..