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Where Do i Start?

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Of the 5 years that I have been a modeling agent I must say that the one question that is constant in my consciousness above all other questions is: “How do I become a model? Where do I start?” followed by “Can you meet my sister/nephew/son/daughter?” and “why do I you have to be so tall to model? As well as, “when I make it BIG you’ll be sorry!” wait…sorry, that’s a statement.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Take a long, honest look in the mirror. Are your features symmetrical?

2. Buy a copy of Vogue and take a long look at the models.
3. Figure out whether you can see yourself in those pages.
4. Take pictures of yourself. Full frontal face, profile, full-length body, side profile of body, bathing suit full length and a smiling shot.

5. Send them to modeling agencies in your area. Include all of your contact information.

Keep in mind that if you live in Arizona you shouldn’t send pictures to FORD NEW YORK unless you have already made plans to move there. Will the agency relocate you? Not likely.

Professional Pictures are not necessary but can be a plus. Visit a nearby college and see if they have a photography department. Spend $200 to get a photography student to take pictures of you. Cut out pics from magazines. Raid your closet and put together 5 outfits the night before. Wear light makeup-we need to see your face and skin. Wear your hair natural and down (maybe try a ponytail or updo as well) Pick a great outdoor locations and have fun.

If you have the money to spend…hire a photographer, a stylist and hair and makeup artist. This can run you as much as $1000 or more. Be sure to look at their portfolios before you hire them. Make sure the kind of pictures they take reflect the kind of pictures you want. Photographers aren’t as versatile as they think they are; let their work speak for them.

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