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Grand Opening

These are actually our clients’ most favorite type of dances which they normally use for their event’s opening ceremony. Just let us know your theme and what you wish to have in mind.

  • 1 Malaysia Multi-Racial Cultural Performance
  • cabaret dance | aqua / babydoll
  • broadway dance | brazilian dance
  • hawaiian dance | belly dance (with fire eating / snakes)
  • fire eating | by male and female dancers
  • indonesian dangdut | pole & sexy dance
  • belly dance (with fire eating / snakes)
  • contemporary dance | bollywood dance | lion dance
  • kids traditional performance
  • malaysia ethnic dances: zapin, asli, inang, etc.
  • line dancing: chacha, salsa, samba, mambo, poco2, ballroom, latino dance
  • Other Packages proposed for Grand Opening Ceremony:
    • VIP Ushering by beautiful models or traditional dancers with costumes and Bunga Mangga
    • Rebana Ubi, Gong, Kompang or other Traditional Percussion.
    • Dance with Acoustic Musicians

Our Latest Performance

[youtube_sc url=”1E2CXid8nFA”] [youtube_sc url=”f7A_zyJu2u8″] [youtube_sc url=”IbqfBF1Bu9Q”]   OR you can click grand opening | cultural performance to watch our video playlist of related type of dance from our previous events. or click this red button: [button url=”” ][/button] More videos will be uploaded soon..