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DJ Patricia

Television host, radio deejay, music eclecticist, emcee and DJ, Patricia exudes warmth and confidence in everything that she sets her sights on, making her one of the most sought after personalities in the Malaysian entertainmentContinue reading

Ukulele Live Band Performance

Ukulele is the new trend of music instrument nowadays. The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments. It generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings. Some strings mayContinue reading

Lion & Dragon Dance Performance

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Living Statue The Golden Man

The Golden Man is here. Bring him to your upcoming event and make him shine, the audience will love him as he stands there and looks at you for hours without moving. Call now toContinue reading

Sand Art Performance

sand artist Light up your event with a magical sand art performance for your upcoming event.   Our sand artist can create anything out of sand. Your personal requests are welcomed to be created forContinue reading

Mr. Bean

ADD THE UNUSUAL TWIST  TO YOUR EVENTS! WHAT IF this humorous and witty character •Becomes your brand ambassador in out-of-the-box marketing campaigns eg ‘spot Mr Bean in his mini car’, advertising programmes or promotional videosContinue reading

Face Changing Act

not many who knows what a face changing act is, but those who have would be made speechless by it. The performance is a stage act put out by our highly talented opera performer, AtContinue reading

Asia Diabolo Acrobatic Stage Performance

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Street Juggling Performance

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KISAS: Persembahan Gamelan Melayu di Dewan Plenary, PICC

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Anjung Tradisi: Persembahan Ghazal (Seri Mersing)

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Servis Bunga Manggar

[youtube_sc url=”″] Bunga manggar merupakan satu hiasan yang penting dalam majlis keramaian orang-orang Melayu di Malaysia, seperti majlis perkahwinan dan lain-lain. Bunga manggar yang diperbuat daripada kertas berkilat bewarna-warni dianggap menambahkan meriah kepada majlis yangContinue reading