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High Energy Modern Dance Performance

We are providing many types of modern dance all around Malaysia. PROFESSIONAL DANCE SERVICES We can take any brief, concept or theme and produce a dramatic bespoke dance show that will bring any event to life.- Local & International- Males, Females, Kids- Individuals, Couples, Groups

Brazilian Fantasy: Samba Cabaret Dance

Cabaret Dance Grand Opening Package for Event 9 dancers (7 females + 2 males) x 4 slots 1 x Grand Opening Dance Performance 3 x Dance Performance VViP Ushering with the Cabaret Costumes Total Slots: 1 – 4 slots (any) Total Duration: 20-35 mins.  

Yayasan Warisan Johor: Tarian Zapin

[youtube_sc url=””] There are a number of zapin dance types performed in this segment , among others are Zapin Tenglu, Zapin Kores, Zapin Tanjung Labuh, Zapin Sri Bunian and Zapin Putar Alam, some of many many types of zapin dances in Malaysia. These type of

Aswara: Joget Gamelan

[youtube_sc url=””] Performed as part of the Gala opening night of the MyDance Festival 2011 from 9-11 September at the KLPAC in Kuala Lumpur. “Gems of Joget Gamelan” was reconstructed by Norsafini Jafar, a lecturer at ASWARA through intensive lessons with Zaharah Hamid, a former