High Energy Modern Dance Performance

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We are providing many types of modern dance all around Malaysia.


We can take any brief, concept or theme and produce a dramatic bespoke dance show that will bring any event to life.- Local & International- Males, Females, Kids- Individuals, Couples, Groups and Choreographers – For Events, Stage Theatre, Singer’s Backup Dancer, etc. – For TV Advertisements, MTV, Video Clips, etc. – For Grand Opening Ceremony- For Celebration, Recognition or Wedding Ceremony

Our dedication, professionalism and commitment are plain to see in every aspect of our work: from the initial enquiry to the final curtain call. Whether it’s a Street Dancer booking for a TV show, or full production show with dancers, singers, compere, original choreography, costume design and music composition – you really need look no further than SP Dance Management for your maximum satisfaction.SP Dance Management prides its self on representing and supplying the best in dance and is dedicated to improving the quality and work ethic of commercial dance.’From casting to the end result SP Dance Management produce the best in dance every time’.

* Dance performance – www.youtube.com/spdancemanagement

  • Males, Females, Kids
  • Local & International
  • Individuals, Groups


– Modern & Traditional
– Awarded Professional Choreographer

We also supplies choreographers & teachers for workshops and master classes as well as dance colleges and theatre schools in the ‘Fusion Funk’ style – a mixture of Hip Hop, Jazz, Locking, Popping & Robotics.Our dancers are handpicked for their talent, professionalism & discipline and are always in high demand, they specialize in all styles of dance including Fusion Funk, Street Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, Traditional, Robotics and Break-dance and have worked with some of the top artists as well as appearing at various MTV and award shows.


– TV Commercials / Advertisements
– Billboards
– Printing Advertisements
– Video Recording,
– Demo or Corporate Videos
– MTV or Video Clips
– Body Parts > Body, Face, Feet, Back, Hands & Legs
– Sports & Fitness, Lifestyle, Business & Corporates
– Kids, Old Ages and with Characters.

*** Are you a professional dancer? Individual or Group. Wanna join us? Kindly send your photos, videos (if you have) and profile details with experience and contact number to spdancers@gmail.com

Kindly E-mail Us Your Inquiries with Details + Estimated Budget to spmodels.entertainment@gmail.com For An Urgent Response! We Will Get Back To You ASAP!