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About Us

The Maximum Satisfaction in Entertainment!


Founded in 2006, SP Entertainment is one of diversified events and entertainment management company in Kuala Lumpur & Jakarta under Shah Production Sdn. Bhd. with linkages in some other Europe, America & Asia countries. We represent and provide a dedicated team of professionals from this industry on delivering the ideas, services and products that suits to your needs at the best possible lower price. You never find yourself until you face the truth.

Nobody Dare… To Give It To You Like Us!

Industry breadth and diversity form the foundation of our success. With the agency’s worldwide modelling and entertainment presence it is uniquely equipped to provide you with a global, cross-cultural perspective, introducing you to new and exciting opportunities in virtually every area of the modelling, fashion, entertainment media and industries.

S – Sincere, H – Honest, A – Ability & H – Harmony.

Company Vision

To be one of the established world class modeling management agency through the vital hub of professional services with the professional and great particular talents that able to provide our expertise to our valued customers at quality levels, based on modelling, fashion, entertainment, networking and electronic link.

Company Missions

1. Professional Expertise Services

In a world dominated by media cluster and audience fractionalization, the strategic use of modeling platforms has become increasingly important to help companies rise above the noise level.

2. Quality Talents with Reasonable Prices

Often working with the client’s advertising agency and event company, we excels at marrying the best quality talents at the best possible lower price. Dare Like No Others.

3. Clients Focus & Satisfaction

Working in partnership with you, we foster the development of each event or shooting step by step from idea to inception to execution. To that end, your satisfaction is our achievement.

4. Passion & Excellent Teamwork

We represent a dedicated team of professionals from this industry on delivering the ideas, services and products that suits to your needs, to design and execute integrated marketing programs that help drive awareness, traffic and sales.

Company Policy

Manage and prepare professional services in entertainment, and supply quality talents, products and services; being the core in electronic networking.

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