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DJ Patricia

Television host, radio deejay, music eclecticist, emcee and DJ, Patricia exudes warmth and confidence in everything that she sets her sights on, making her one of the most sought after personalities in the Malaysian entertainment industry. Born in Hong Kong to a Danish father and a Chinese-Malaysian mother, Patricia’s mixed heritage has equipped her with […]

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Sexy Male Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian, Polynesian Dance

  Complete your special event with authentic Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian or Polynesian entertainment featuring professional dancers. Contact our event consultant with your own creative ideas and they’ll do their best to make your dream party a reality. For reliable, high energy entertainment at your next private party, wedding celebration, meeting, convention or incentive event. Hawaiian […]

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Ukulele Live Band Performance

Ukulele is the new trend of music instrument nowadays. The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments. It generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings. Some strings may be paired in courses, giving the instrument a total of six or eight strings Ukulele Orchestra tackles an ambitious range […]

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Malaysia Cultural Traditional Dance Performance

Dance is a popular cultural form in many countries. Each ethnic group has its own dance forms which characterizes its culture. Malaysian dances can be identified with certain regions or religious practices which are often performed in festive celebrations, wedding parties, cultural shows, religious ceremonies or other public events.   MALAY DANCES Tarian Melayu or Malay […]

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High Energy Modern Dance Performance

We are providing many types of modern dance all around Malaysia. PROFESSIONAL DANCE SERVICES We can take any brief, concept or theme and produce a dramatic bespoke dance show that will bring any event to life.- Local & International- Males, Females, Kids- Individuals, Couples, Groups and Choreographers – For Events, Stage Theatre, Singer’s Backup Dancer, […]

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Zaiton Sameon

Zaiton Sameon is one of the well-known Malaysian female singers in the 1980s. She began to make name when winning the 1987 songwriter with his popular song The Hope of Creation A.Ali, lyrics by Habsah Hasan   Achievements Anugerah Juara Lagu 1987 – “Menaruh Harapan” (A. Ali / Habsah Hassan / Zaiton Sameon) Persembahan terbaik – Zaiton […]

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Syatilla is a multitalented emcee, who loves challenges and highly motivated girl. Speaks English & Bahasa Malaysia fluently. Has unlimited energy and optimism. Kickstarts anything with zest and amazing strength, forth rightness and a stubborn streak to accept defeat. Ever so persuasive and decisive. LANGUAGES MALAY ENGLISH EMCEE EXPERIENCES: Wedding Corporate Events Expo Exhibitions Road […]

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Emcee Voon

Name: Voon Height : 180cm Vital Statistics : 39″, 32″, 39″ Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay, English   Event Main host for Miss Petite Malaysia Semifinales Main host for Chin Woo Association 2nd Martial Arts Festival Main host for Spanish World Book Day 2014, 2015 Speaker for AIA Roadshow “Basics of Healthy Living” MC for Gift […]

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Hugo Qadri

Hugo Qadri’s Single & Album (will be released soon) Listen to his music: click here (And Get the FREE Download here!) Hugo’s profile: click here Discography  Single: Untukmu Puteri, Ku Rela Terima Omnibus Album: Gerabak Indie (Trinalars Entertainment, Indonesia) Lagu: Lagu Cinta (Feat Monica Niken) Album: Untukmu Puteri 1. Untukmu Puteri 2. Ku Rela Terima 3. […]

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Sexy Male Hawaiian Hula Dance

Get your special event heated up with authentic Hawaiian Hula dance featuring professional sexy male dancers. Make your dream special party a reality. For reliable, high energy entertainment at your next private party, wedding celebration, meeting, convention or incentive event. Hawaiian / Tahitian / Polynesian Hula Dance Polynesian Hawaiian Cultural Dance, with Fire Eating Performance. […]

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Mr. Bean

ADD THE UNUSUAL TWIST  TO YOUR EVENTS! WHAT IF this humorous and witty character •Becomes your brand ambassador in out-of-the-box marketing campaigns eg ‘spot Mr Bean in his mini car’, advertising programmes or promotional videos • Stands in as your spokesmodel in road or trade shows • Opens your launching gambit • Unveils your ground-breaking […]

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Emcee Yann

Name: Yann Height : 158cm Weight: 41kg Size:  S Vital Statistics: 34,24,33 Nationality: Malaysian Language Spoken: English,Mandarin,Cantonese,Malay,Hokkien,Basic Korean Race: Chinese Hair Colour: Brown Skin: Fair Job Experience: Emcee Emcee for Nano White roadshow @ Jusco Cheras Selatan, Dec 2011 Emcee and DJ for Endah Parade, Sep & Oct  & Nov 2012 Emcee for “I AM GANGNAM […]

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Emcee Nara

  Name: Nara Age: 20 Race: Malay Hobbies : Play sports (Mostly futsal, wall climbing, basketball, skate, cycle, snorkeling) Go on an adventure (eg: Camping, traveling, exploring new places/restaurants, hiking)  Doodling/drawing Making DIY (Crafts, costumes, decorations, food, etc) Watching movies (Fav genre: Action, adventure) Video editing Learning new languages Talent/Skills: 1. Taekwondo (Poom black belt) […]

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Emcee Sunshine

-Roadshow -Exhibition -Corporate Event -Annual Dinner -Reality Show Experiences Home Deco Exhibition The Dental Academy Exhibition Men’s Health Magazine SwissLog Annual Dinner GSK CNY Annual Dinner Maybank Roadshow Medini Live Concert And Etc…..     Emcee Sunshine getting the crowd going on Standard Chartered Annual Gala Dinner 2017! ???? Posted by SP Models Entertainment on […]

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After hosting a few events, Patricia quickly got the feel of talking in front of a crowd, which then went on to being in front of a camera. She was soon called in for an audition for ESPN’s Castrol Football Crazy and selected to become the third and only girl hostess, alongside Adam C and […]

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Afiq is an uprising Malaysian host, model and emcee. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Afiq is a young, intelligent & multi talented guy, who holds Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Mechanical. Speaks English and Bahasa Malaysia, understands Arabic and Deutsch. Energetic, funny, and entertaining. One of our best emcees for corporate events, wedding and dinner functions. […]

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Emcee Syafeena

I am Syafeena  from Kuala Lumpur and I bring with me elegance, enthusiasm as well as versatility to make an event lively, cheerful, awesome and successful. Height: 5ft 6’ Language Proficiency: English and Bahasa Malaysia Occupation: Part-time emcee/host and full-time Executive in GLC company Types of events I do as a part-time emcee/host: Corporate event/function […]

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  Ryan – The Journey Basic Info: – Name : Ryan Age: 25 years old Height: 180 cm Weight: 70 kg Measurements: 36, 31, 38 Basic background information: I’m a singer, model, actor in M’sia. Over the past few years I’ve won runner up in Astro ???? , represented M’sia in Korea for Kpop Star Hunt 3 (FOX International, Channel […]

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EMCEE : Jerry

-Versatile, Professional, Experienced, Witty, Breezy, Bubbly- *Jerry speaks Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien and Bahasa Malaysia* What can Emcee Jerry do for you? • To host the events for you in major languages such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia professionally • To create suitable ambience in your events • To be your Game-Master • […]

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Belly Dance with Fire Eating Spectacular

Sexy Belly Dance with Fire Eating / Blowing Performance 9 dancers (5 Females + 4 Males) x 4 slots Venue’s Main Entrance: Fire Blowing Belly Performance with Snakes Beautiful Women’s Belly Fire Eating Grand: Belly with Fire Eating & Blowing Performance VViP Ushering with the Belly Costumes Total Slots: 1 – 4 slots (any) Total Duration: […]

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Emcee Faliq

Name: Faliq Height: 176cm Professional Experience ILAM Malaysia Landscape Architectural Award 2017 – April 2017 Motorhomes & Caravan Launch – April 2017 Takaful Starnite 2017 – March 2017 Allianz Recignition Dinner – February 2017 DRB-HICOM Autofest – January 2017 Inspired Fitness Carnival – 2016 Majlis Pelancaran NICE anjuran MOSTI 2015 (VIP YB Dato’ Sri Ewon […]

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Kennie have Bachelor of Media and Creative studies SKILLS   Hosting Acting Dancing Knowledgeable on all social media platforms LANGUAGES English Mandarin Cantonese Malay Slightly Korea EXPERIENCE   GYMAHOLIC event search for Mr. and Mrs. Utar 2015 Bandar Sungai Long 11 December 2015    E-Gate gadget Sdn Bhd Da-Men Grand Harbour, USJ Subang Jaya E-Gate […]

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I am a 17 year Professional Actor, Magician, Mentalist, Emcee and Martial Artist with Stuntwork Qualifications from The Australian Stunt Academy. , I do films, TV dramas, TV commercials and short films. Henzi Andalas Nusantara is  Malaysia’s 1st & only act in sci-fi hollywood star trek movie Emcee Henzi Posted by SP Models Entertainment on Tuesday, […]

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Emcee: SHA

emcee english and tamil Height: 170cm Weight: 56kg Eye color: Dark brown Haircolor: black Hsting & TV appearances Talkshow Host on ASTRO V’Buzz Online host for Miss Universe Malaysia 8tv Quickie Deepavali Show Bella ntv7 Bernama Primadona NONA TV3 Emcee – Corporate & EntertainmentBritish-American Tobacco Dinner 2014 Secretariat for Empowerment of IndianEntrepreneurs (SEED)-PrimeMinisters Dept Awards Night […]

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Shalynn: Japanese & English Emcee

Young, Beautiful, Well-spoken, Fun, Confident, Spontaneous and Hilarious! Shalynn leaves a lasting impression on everyone. She has a refreshing sense of humour that makes everyone feel at ease and in no time the party takes off! Having the RIGHT HOST can transform your event from being normal run-of-the-mill to being EXTRAORDINARY. Planning an important corporate seminar? A romantic […]

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Emcee: Amirul

PENGALAMAN Barista di Starbucks Coffee, KLIA (2009) Koreografer untuk Flash Mob Suara Kami – Malaysian Boy (bersama kumpulan Re-Do, 2011) Emcee untuk Hari Belia,Putrajaya Kpop Crazee (2012) Pelakon watak Sultan Alam Shahbana dalam Musang Berjanggut untuk Teater Lagenda (2012) Barista di Goldcoast Sepang Golden Pam Tree (2013) Persembahan di Blue Wave Hotel anjuran IM4U (2013) […]

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Indah Putri

Indah Putri Indah Putri – Aku Cinta Kamu [Official Video Clip] JAKARTA (Pos Kota) – Tak puas cuma menempa pengalaman lewat panggung musik dangdut dan ajang festival yang digelar stasiun TV, Indah Putri kemudian berambisi pula untuk profesional di jalur rekaman. Setelah kesampaian, ia ingin bisa segera mendulang jenjang popularitas. “Dibutuhkan ketelatenan, kesabaran dan motivasi kuat […]

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Ksatria Band

Sukses lewat single “1 2 3, 2 3 4” yang dilantunkan berssama Gina Youbi, Ksatria band tampil sendiri dengan single terbaru mereka yang berjudul “Kawin Muda”. Dengan lirik-lirik jenaka dan balutan musik Melayu modern, Sahid dan rekan-rekannya tampil enerjik. Mereka berharap, single “Kawin Muda” mampu mengangkat nama band asal Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat itu dikenal […]

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  JUDIKA SIHOTANG   Judika Sihotang, atau yang bernama lengkap Judika Nalon Abadi Sihotang, lahir di Sidikalang, Sumatera Utara, 31 Agustus 1978. Judikaadalah penyanyi yang populer sebagai peraih runner-up Indonesian Idol 2. Dalam kehidupan pribadinya, Judika menjalin hubungan dengan Runner up I Puteri Indonesia 2007, Duma Riris Silalahi.Bakat menyanyinya tampak semenjak masih duduk di bangku Sekolah Dasar di […]

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SP Broadway Dance

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BOQpZRScsc&feature=share” title=”Broadway%20Dance”] A little over 100 years ago, Broadway theater was just getting started in New York City. In its early days you could catch a musical such as “Black Crook” for $2 a seat. Although it was criticized heavily back then, the Broadway style of theater kept gaining popularity amongst the middle class. […]