Emcee Nara

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Name: Nara

Age: 20

Race: Malay

Hobbies :

  1. Play sports (Mostly futsal, wall climbing, basketball, skate, cycle, snorkeling)
  2. Go on an adventure (eg: Camping, traveling, exploring new places/restaurants, hiking)
  3.  Doodling/drawing
  4. Making DIY (Crafts, costumes, decorations, food, etc)
  5. Watching movies (Fav genre: Action, adventure)
  6. Video editing
  7. Learning new languages
1. Taekwondo (Poom black belt)
2. rapping (English, Malay, Spanish)
3. Communicating in basic Russian
4. tutoring/teaching (Maths, English, History and BM)
5. Outgoing/friendly (making connections, friends)

Experiences in acting/modeling/hosting.

  1.  Ringmistress for Big Kid Circus (UK)
  2. Ringmistress for The Amazing Russia Circus
  3. Ringmistress for The Great British Circus
  4. Model for L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2018 in London
  5. Video Jockey at PeaceYallFM
  6. Main role in Vitagen ad
  7. Main role in T3 campaign ad
  8. Main role in Caring Pharmacy ad
  9. Main role on Oh My English : Level Up (Season 6 )
  10. Emcee for KIA roadshow 2018
  11. Emcee for Kirkby’s Got Talent
  12. Emcee for DOTA 2 tournament 2016
  13. Emcee for Nasionime (National Day Event)
  14. Emcee for Karcher (German company)
  15. Emcee for Dato AC Mizal’s daughter (Fea Eryssa)’s birthday party.
  16. Emcee for E-Blue Esports Launching
  17. Emcee for charity event (+ organizing)
  18. Emcee for Abuthen launching app
  19. Emcee/conductor for Capital 21 launching

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