Emcee Nara

Name: Nara

Age: 20

Race: Malay

Hobbies :

  1. Play sports (Mostly futsal, wall climbing, basketball, skate, cycle)
  2. Go on an adventure (eg: Camping, exploring new places/restaurants, hiking)
  • Doodle
  1. Making DIY (Crafts, costumes, decorations, food, etc)
  2. Watching movies (Fav genre: Action, adventure, science fiction)
  3. Video editing


Talent/Skills: Taekwondo (Poom black belt), rapping (English, Malay, Spanish), tutoring/teaching (Maths, English, History and BM) and outgoing/Friendly (making connections, friends)

Experiences in acting/modeling/hosting.


  1. Video Jockey at PeaceYallFM
  2. TV host at ACTV (Upcoming)
  3. Emcee for Kirkby’s Got Talent
  4. Emcee for DOTA 2 tournament 2016
  5. Emcee for Nasionime (National Day Event)
  6. Emcee for Pencarian Talent Baru 2016
  7. Emcee for Dato AC Mizal’s daughter (Fea Eryssa)’s birthday party.
  8. Emcee for E-Blue Esports Launching
  9. Emcee for charity event.