Audio Visual (AV) & Sound System Equipment Rental

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What is Audio-Video integration?

Audio visual installations dramatically enhance your overall corporate presentations and capture the attention and imagination of your audience. The right combination of products and technology will ensure that your multimedia presentations are delivered with optimal impact.

Audio-Video integration is the matrix design of an audio system and a video system to operate as one. The audio portion consists of speakers, amplification, a microphone system or teleconferencing interface. The video portion consists of a display device – a projector, LCD, or both, DVD player, a video conferencing system, document camera, interactive drawing panel, a resident PC, or any other video device. And of course, there must be an audio or video source for the system to broadcast – satellite TV, teleconference, video conference, music source, PC – you name it.


Why do I need automation control?

You need control so your audio – video presentation experience works smoothly every time. What does that mean? That means, in order to have the audio and video elements work in concert, the control system will act as the “traffic cop” for both systems – telling the audio system and the video system what to do, and when to do it – simultaneously.

The control system usually consists of an LCD touch panel or a push button wall plate for function command operation. The other element of a control system is a multi-media wall plate where you can connect or disconnect auxiliary audio-video or networked devices, such as digital cameras, laptop computers, iPods/MP3’s, DVD player, Ethernet & telecommunications connection, etc.


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