Record Label | Music Production | Artist Management

SP Entertainment is an artist management company and a new recording company with independent music label based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We dedicated to the pursuit of phenomenal musical talent and the development, recording and marketing of new music talent onto a worldwide stage. We produce new albums for potential talents and provide opportunities for great performers or singers, songwriters and musicians within this industry. What we heard can be summed up in three words – talent, today and potential.

Contract Offered

1. Band Management

2. Compilation Album

3. Freelance Artist / Indie Bands

Music Production

Your music is expected to be commercially viable and releasable. If you are looking to make an investment in your own career, a high quality production is a must. Whether you are looking to put out a single, make an EP or put out a full length record, we can guide you through the process and make the end result something that stands out and is commercially competitive. We cover the entire musical spectrum and with competitive prices that even you won’t believe!

How Can We Help You?

SP Entertainment..

  • aim to manage potential unsigned artist / indie bands professionally.
  • provide a full music production and publishing service.
  • produce compilation album for the potential talents and indie music bands.
  • aims to help new potential bands and artist to have their music recorded.
  • produce the music video and the promo showreel video for the artist.
  • help good music to be heard to more industry’s people and music lovers.
  • introduce to more industry’s network – tv channels, radio stations, etc.
  • provide the marketing advices and direction to any artist or bands.
  • help artist to update / upgrade photos and videos profiles.
  • help to record your live performance to update your fans, portfolio and clients.
  • help artist and bands to distribute cds and products, and to get the other distribution they need for their music.
  • aims to help bands get booked for the next events, through our networking with many event companies, concert organizers and even direct clients / big companies to provide gigs.

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