Top 6 Las Vegas Clubs for Dancing Until the Sun Comes Up

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When you’re in Las Vegas you need the very best entertainment possible. I personally enjoy sitting by the pool and cleaning out my navel but I’m sure that you will need the kind of Las Vegas entertainment that will make your in-laws blush. So take a look at some of the best Las Vegas nightclubs. But, make sure you clean that thing out before you get here.

1. RumJungle at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
Feel the pulsating sounds as they surround your senses and see the rhythm of the music in the choreographed moves of the dances high above. The Atmosphere is electric and will inspire you to have a wild night. rumjungle will keep you going all night.

2. V Bar
If you feel the need to shower, shave and wear perfume or cologne, this is the spot for you. Let me tell you up front that this is a classy place, so, you might feel out of place. Do what I do, order one very expensive drink and hover over it for the entire night. When the waitress comes over to see how you’re doing give her that, “a great drink must be savored” look. You will fit right in.

3. The Whiskey Bar
Any place that’s free to get into I love! Imagine paying $20 to get in only to have to pay $12 for a drink. Not at this place. Sit by the pool and snuggle right next to that special someone you just met at the bar. Get to know each other before you start rubbing belly’s.

4. Tangerine at the Treasure Island Las Vegas
An outdoor club that looks out on to the Las Vegas strip is really the only way to go. At Tangerine you get to see the Sirens of TI show, live entertainment and a great view of the Las Vegas strip.

5. The Peppermill
You can’t say anything bad about the Peppermill because to me it is just a notch below what heaven would be like. It’s a the ultimate lounge without the silicone beauties acting pretentious. Have a drink and sit by the fire or dissolve into one of the booths. This is the place to people watch in Las Vegas.

6. Pure at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
The VIP rooms are top notch and expensive and the decor is very high end. The big draw for me is the outdoor terrace with the great views. Late summer nights and early fall should be good. Pure Las Vegas is where all the good looking people will be until the next big thing comes along. However, find your way to the terrace and live it up Las Vegas style

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