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Music Video Production

We work closely with individual artists and directors to visualize, write, and produce high quality innovative work that are true to their style and we have all the creative skills and expertise to produce amazing videos for budgets large and small. We work alongside bands and solo artists to create videos that reflect their individual style of music which ultimately develops a strong identity and direction to showcase their talents to a broad audience.

Professionally produced music videos play a key role in promoting the release of new music by both solo music artists and bands. With internet streaming it’s never been easier or faster for bands and solo artists to get their musical talents seen by millions of people around the world. Many highly successful musical careers have been launched as a result of promotional video streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Whether you’re a record label with an established signed band, or the manager wanting to promote new talent, we will give you all the support and expertise you need and work with you to produce a promo video with amazing production values that fits your budget.

Our team produces music videos from start to finishes by working with our clients in selecting the right locations, actors, digital flair and more. We can also work as “hired guns” where we provide production support via camera operators, equipment, grips, gaffers, audio technicians and/or digital editing.

Live Event Filming: If you are planning a live music event that requires professional video coverage we can supply all the technicians and equipment to cover any level of performance. We then produce a great promo video which showcases an artist’s unique energy and talent during a live performance.